Group Foundation

Founded in 1978 by Mr. Anil Sharma, Sharma Group of Industries, Headquartered in Faridabad, Haryana, with over 200 employees and 7 different Business verticals, has carved a veritable name within the category of well established and deeply anchored Business Houses in India.

Humble Beginnings - printing

From humble beginnings of rotogravure printing over 30 years ago, the group ventured into varied and yet comprehensive printing activities of labels, aluminum caps, PP caps, aluminum foil cone sleeves and corrugated cartons for a spectrum of leading Pharmaceutical, Liquor and FMCG companies and is today a name to reckon with, within the printing fraternity.

Global Ambition - international trade

With the Globe becoming smaller and smaller, in 2015 the Group established an International Trading House that resulted in fulfilling rapidly growing needs of a variety of industrial and intermediary products that were critical requirements of a booming Indian economy.

In addition, due to a great surge in demand, within India and internationally, of exclusive Indian fabrics and fashion wear, a bustling online fashion house and a garment export facility was established alongside.

Future Ready - food & beverages

Intrinsically associated with a host of food and beverage conglomerates, the group made forays into the hospitality industry of restaurants and food chains in and around the capital city of India, New Delhi. And upon demand, both domestic and International, in 2018 they ventured into the baking business of ice cream cones, in the heartland of the green belt of Himachal, in Mehatpur, where a highly sophisticated automatic facility of manufacturing multi-layered, multi-colored aluminum foil ice cream cones was pre-established.

This latest addition to the family led to a large investment in state-of-the-art imported plant and machinery, quality testing equipment towards food safety, research facilities, and a panel of highly experienced professionals, that produce some of the finest, global standard, crunchy ice cream cones in the country.

Group Philosophy - holistic, sustainable growth

The mantra of the group is etched in ‘Excellence in Quality and On-time performance’ and remains at the very core of all business activities that the group undertakes. In consequence, the focus is on continual improvement in management systems and technological advancement through strategic insights and R & D, towards a commitment of ‘changing for the better’ always and at any cost.

Being a large direct consumer from our farmlands, be it for the procurement of wheat, sugar, milk and varied other products, Laxmi Wafers N Cones is committed to lead from the front towards reducing carbon emissions, consumption of harmful pesticides and uplifting and educating our farmers and their families.

We feel that the ice-cream industry as a whole can provide a major impetus towards supporting the cause of the Government towards increased productivity, technological advancement and inclusive growth of our agrarian sector and rural life in general. Furthermore, we appreciate such good production practices resulting in reduction of pesticides, greenhouse gas emissions, plastic packaging etc. that will help reverse the negative impacts of Climate Change – one of the most significant global concerns of today!

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